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PropertyForce has been providing off market investment property deals to investors for over a decade. Check out Oliver Seidler, Founder & CEO of PropertyForce, discuss what separates us from the competition and what keeps our deals moving!

Video Transcription:

My name is Oliver, I’m the CEO and founder of PropertyForce.

What is PropertyForce?

Our mission is to provide personal and financial growth to all of our partners. We want to provide you the best investment properties to give you the financial freedom to enjoy the personal life you want. Not only do we help our investors, we allow our team to take advantage of our investment opportunities as well.

We’ve been in business since 2006 and have done over 12,000 transactions. We average around 800-1,000 deals per year.

What Makes Us Different from Other Real Estate Investment Firms? 

Different than other wholesalers, we spend a lot of smart money on marketing, invest heavily in technology, and have a great support staff. Doing all of this, we’re able to find great deals on properties and have full control over deals to ensure a smooth process for our investors.

Since we’re serious about providing great deals, we’re looking for investors that are serious about investing as well. To invest with PropertyForce, we require that you set up an introductory 15-20 minute meeting with one of our Regional Asset Managers to understand your investment goals.

How to Get Priority on Seeing our Investment Properties?

To put you at the front of the line, you’ll need to complete a meeting with us and then deposit escrow. If you’re not ready to set up one of these meetings, we can put you on our buyer’s list. You’ll get emails that will tell you about some of our properties, but you won’t get full access until you meet with one of our Regional Asset Managers.

Invest with PropertyForce

If you are ready to set up the meeting with one of our Regional Asset Managers, click the link below. We look forward to working with you!

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