PropertyForce CEO, Oliver Seidler, Launches a Podcast.

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Hallandale Beach, Fla. (Jul. 20, 2021) – Oliver Seidler, founder and CEO of PropertyForce launched Renegade Rules, a podcast focused on people who play life by their own rules.

On Renegade Rules, Oliver sits down with real-life renegades who live unconventional lives. He focuses on going behind the scenes on how they have gotten to where they are now and what their driving forces has been and continues to be.

“I really enjoy taking an hour or two and sitting down with people who did life differently than most. I know there are so many stories worth telling and I hope I create a powerful platform to share those stories.”

Oliver Seidler, Host of Renegade Rules and CEO of PropertyForce

A theme among all episodes is discussing the idea of a perfect day. Oliver asks guests what they define as a perfect day and how they work towards reaching it. He aims to show people that no matter what your perfect day looks like, it is attainable but comes with a lot of hard work, resilience and courage.

“It was an incredible honor to be the first guest on my longtime friends podcast. I have seen him work towards these goals and I am thrilled to see them come to life.”

Josh Theberge, First Guest on Renegade Rules

Oliver Seidler is the co-founder and CEO of PropertyForce, an industry-leading real estate investment company focused on culture and employee success. After quickly becoming a top producer in real estate, Oliver started his own company in 2006. He weathered the recession and extended PropertyForce’s reach outside of Florida in 2017, with future expansion plans in the works. Aside from work, Seidler mentors young businesspeople, invests in startups, and works with Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He is a member of EO and YPO.

For more information about Oliver Seidler or PropertyForce, please contact Veronica Hoed de beche at (954) 807-9139 or via e-mail at vdebeche@propertyforce.com.


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